Get to Know Volue’s Intraday Cloud

Aug. 6, 2020Johannes Holdø

Webinar Series: Best Practices for Increasing Yield by Merging Automation and Forecasts

The Intraday challenge

Weather-dependent renewable energy production and market interconnectivity are increasing steadily. It is, therefore, no wonder that traded volumes in intraday markets are growing. With the introduction of algorithmic trading, traders and production planners have been able to stay ahead of the game, solving part of the challenge of trading so close to delivery. However, trading strategies require a continuous stream of reliable price and market driver forecasts. To further succeed in this fast-paced and competitive environment, market members need fully integrated and more advanced trading solutions, designed with the market in mind.

Accelerate trading - increase yield

In this webinar, we are proud to present the power of Volue’s Intraday Cloud. Our intraday trading solution combines the of Powel’s Intraday trading and planning platform with Wattsight’s real-time forecasts of prices and market drivers, all delivered as Software as a Service. Our Volue Intraday Cloud has been developed with your convenience and high usability in mind, allowing you to focus on operationalizing your strategy and increasing yield.

Join the webinar sessions

To get you started with the Volue Intraday Cloud, we are holding three webinars to show you the results of our fully integrated trading solutions. Through this series of webinars, you can learn how the Volue Intraday Cloud can add value to your trading strategy. The webinars are free of charge. To register for one or several sessions, click on the link behind the respective topics:

  • 8 September: Speculative trading (register here)
  • 16 September: Renewables trading to close the open position (register here)
  • 30 September: Marketing the asset flexibility of a power producer (register here)

About Volue

We are a technology company operating throughout Europe with Norwegian roots and aim to deliver market-leading software, services and insights. Established in 2020 as the result of a merger of Powel, Wattsight, Markedskraft and Scanmatic, the company is built on decades of history and strong market positions held by the companies in the Volue group. Volue is built on state-of-the-art technology, deep domain knowledge and market insight from data capture and data management to software for asset optimisation, trading, market operation services and independent market analyses.

Our solutions

Intraday Trading

A standalone, web-based intraday trading solution designed to connect to the energy exchanges and your portfolio of assets in real-time.

Algo Trader

Allowing you to trade automatically to speed up your trading activity significantly as well as monetise on opportunities that aren’t possible to capture manually. It allows for sophisticated user-specific trading strategies as well as pre-defined strategies that traders can modify or use just as they are, covering position closing, marketing flexibilities and utilising batteries in the continuous intraday market.

Intraday Predict

Real-time forecasts of price directions and fundamental market drivers for European Intraday and short-term markets, indicating which position you should take.


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