The Market Expert View - Webinar Series by Wattsight

May 15, 2020Tom Donnelly

Wattsight presents a series of market updates for all of Europe over three days

With interesting times within the energy sector, market intelligence is now more than ever essential for staying ahead. For you, as power market professionals, the ups and downside potential in the short and long run is enormous. Therefore, you need to understand what is going on in all relevant markets, explained by the most experienced market analysts who willingly take a stand on future price developments.

As always, Wattsight has you covered. After the success of the Digital Afternoon with Wattsight in April, we hosted a series of five webinars, held between 23rd and 25th June. We focused on specific markets with hour long webinars, followed by Q&A sessions. This allowed our analysts to go into further details, and covered everything you needed to know for you to be up-to-date with the European power markets.

The following webinar schedule was as follows:

  • Fuels Update - 12:30 on 23rd June
  • East and South European - 10:30 on 24th June
  • Nordic Power Market - 12:30 on 24th June
  • Central European Markets (including Iberia and Italy) - 10:30 on 25th June
  • European Hydrology - 12:30 on 25th June

The events was live, moderated and interactive. All that was required was a computer, tablet or mobile phone with internet access. To listen to the presentations, you either use the device's sound output or dial in via telephone. Both easy and convenient.

We charged a service fee of EUR 100 per webinar; customers participate free of charge this time. Non-customers could register for all five webinars for 250 EUR.

Worried about using Zoom? Wattsight uses Zoom Webinar functionality and this is different from an ordinary Zoom meeting. We have full control over who presents, and we can assure you that there will be no "Zoom-bombing" or similar taking place during our event. With the recent update of Zoom 5 security issues that reached media in April 2020 are less of a concern