Quarterly Updates of Our Long-Term Price Prognoses

May 26, 2020Espen Andreassen

On Thursday June 4, 2020, we will publish quarterly updates of our long-term price prognoses for the Nordic Countries and Central Europe. The coronavirus has shaken European energy markets. We have witnessed a collapse in European carbon and fuel prices, along with power consumption plunging and macroeconomic concerns looming. This has a central attention in our long term reports' June update.

Highlights for the Nordic Report

  • Coronavirus accompanies the rather odd Nordic hydrology situation for medium-term Nordic power prices
  • Global fuel demand destruction caused by the coronavirus, along with prevailing strong LNG supply, will take time to absorb globally, having slight impacts for the long term 
  • Commissioning of the NorthConnect Norway-UK link for 2028 put on ice, potentially locking in cheap Nordic power generation 

The Nordic report applies findings and power price prognoses for Germany, Netherlands and UK as depicted in the Central European report. 

With a thorough focus on policy developments and power balance outlooks, our power price prognoses for Central Europe is obtained by applying detailed hour-by-hour price simulations. This report has major attention to weather scenarios for power price simulations. 

The reports will be published Thursday, June 4, 2020, at 12 pm for subscribers.

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