Wattsight Navigation changes

app navigation.png
Aug. 11, 2020

Tomorrow, we will introduce changes to improve the Wattsight App navigation.

We will introduce changes in the navigation of app.wattsight.com that will slightly alter your user experience. We just want to inform you as users upfront, so that you are not caught unaware, or experience any disruption to your daily workflow.

New navigation

We have moved our main menu to the top of the web page. The menu button is to the left of the logo. This will look familiar for those who have used our other applications before. This will allow you to switch easier between different applications or focus on navigating inside the same one. This change gives us more space for the left menu, where you will still find the same familiar structure.

On the left menu, the second level hides after you select the page you wish. This will now no longer cover the main options on the menu. The page title together with the selected menu option should inform you of what page you are looking at.

We hope to continue improving your user experience.

Should you have any questions or feedback please be in touch with us on support@wattsight.com