Understanding the Green & German Power Markets

Montel Nordic Price Drivers
Nov 20 - Nov 21, 2019 Amsterdam, Netherlands

We invite you to join us for these two seminars in Amsterdam where you learn the important aspects of the green and German power markets.

The green power seminar is tailor-made for power industry professionals wanting to gain an understanding of the green market design and the challenges for trading in the green energy market.

The German power seminar is tailor-made for power industry professionals wanting to gain insights into the drivers of prices and policy in Germany's electricity market.

You can book and attend the two seminars either in combination or separately

We hope to see you in Amsterdam!

Day 1: Seminar

"Understanding green power markets"

- Explaining the power market transition from subsidiaries to market integration

09.00 - 09.30 Registration and Coffee

09.30 - 09.45 Welcoming worlds

Session 1

09.45 - 12.30 Market Design

Representative from Örsted

The political framework defining the energy transition

- Laws and regulation affecting the power market

- The market impact of strict environment legislation

The development of the renewable energy market in Europe

- Market evolution since 2008

- The road to 2030

- The impact of renewables on the power markets

The role of subsidies in the renewable energy production

- The role of subsidies in boosting green energy growth

- Moving beyond subsidies – how, when and why?

- Market impact of non-subsidised renewables

- What will still need subsidies?

The decentralization of the European power market

- From large central generation units to distributed energy

- Powering cars with renewables – what will be the wider impact?

- Micro-grids, prosumers and smart houses

12.30 - 13.15 Lunch


Session 2

13.15 - 16.30 Trading green power

Floris Greebe, Head of Research and Market Insight, Ecohz

How do renewables affect the traded market?

- The role of the day-ahead, intraday and balancing markets.

- Price developments – increased volatility and trading close to realtime

- Hedging – challenges and opportunities

- Meeting the analytical challenges in the energy transition

Guarantees of Origin – How does the system work?

- What is a Guarantee of Origin and why do we use it?


- What are PPAs and why do we use them?

- Financing renewable growth with PPAs.

- Who are the sellers and buyers of PPAs?

Day 2: Seminar

"Understanding the German power market"

09.00 - 09.15 Registration and Coffee

09.15 - 16.00 Seminar

The seminar gives an overview of the important aspects of the German power market and the energy transition as well as highlighting current market developments. This is the 16th edition of this successful seminar series launched in 2011. More than 350 participants already have joined us.

Presentations held by Konstantin Lenz, Wattsight.

Characteristics of German power production and consumption

-The schedule of nuclear decommissioning

- Conventional power production

- Production out of renewable sources

- Characteristics and developments of German power consumption

- Marginal and Cycling Costs of different power plant types

German energy policy

- The “Energiewende”

- Current status of German energy policy

- Coal decommissioning - Current state and outlook (NEW)

- Security of Supply (up to 2023)

- Medium and long-term outlook

Power trading

- Price-driving factors

- Historic developments and characteristics

- Power trading: Spot markets – Day-ahead and intraday

- Power trading: Exchanges and OTC – Forwards and futures

- Market integration of renewable energies.

- Negative Prices

- Case Studies

Electricity grid

- Scheduling and balancing energy

- Challenges of the "Energiewende" for the grid

- Cross-border exchange and market coupling


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